Above all – chiefly, before everything else

Above-board – not open to question, honest, straight forward, beyond reproach.

Above-par – of superior quality

A fidus Achates – faithful friend

The heel of Achilles – a weak spot

An Adonis – a very handsome man

To build castles in the air – to think of something impossible of realization; to day-dream; to conceive fanciful ideas

To assume airs – to affect superiority.

To stand aloof – to keep to oneself and no mix with others

To lead to the altar – to marry

An Amazon – a warlike woman; a masculine woman.

To weigh anchor – to be about to sail

To cast anchor – to drop anchor into the sea

An Apollo – a man with a perfect physique

The apple of discord – a cause of strife, contention, or quarrel

To upset the apple cart – to disturb the peace

Apple pie order – in perfect order

To be tied to his mother’s apron strings – to be under the control and influence of his mother.

Arcadian life – a blissfully happy, rural and simple life

To keep a person at arm’s length – to avoid coming in contact with a person

To take up arms – to fight; to go to war

To receive with open arms – to welcome cordially

To cleanse the Augean stable – to effect great improvements in government

To have an axe to grind – to have some selfish objective in view

A  Babel – a confused noise.

To break the back of anything – to perform the most difficult part of it

To backbite a person – to slander or to speak ill of someone

He is the backbone of his team

He has no backbone – he has no will of his own.

Backstairs influence – influence exerted in an underhand.

To cause bad blood – to cause strife and enmity

A bad egg; a bad penny – a worthless person

Bad form – bad manners.

Bag and baggage – with all one’s belongings

To keep the ball rolling – to keep things going

To bandy words – to wrangle of exchange arguments

Baptism of fire – a soldier’s first experience of actual war

To call to the bar – to admit as a barrister

To beat about the bush – to approach a matter in an indirect and roundabout manner

To be dead beat – worn out by fatigue

To have a bee in one’s bonnet – to hold fantastic notions on some points; to be cranky.

Bee-line – the shortest distance between two places.

Behind one’s back – without one’s knowledge

Behind the scenes – in private; out of sight

To make believe – to feign or pretend

To bell the cat – to do something which is extremely dangerous

To hit below the bell – to act unfairly in a contest

To give a person a wide berth – to keep as far away from him as possible

His better half – a man’s wife

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush – Certainty is better than possibility

To bite the dust – to be defeated in battle – to die

The bitter bit – to cheat the cheater

Black and white – Write it down

A wet blanket – a person who discourages others

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